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There's nothing quite like a home-cooked meal! But after the meal comes the clean-up that everyone dreads! Especially if your meal involved cooking in a lot of pots and pans, or with grease! Now you can enjoy your meal, and even cleaning up afterwards with the fabulous grease cleaning tablets - Grease Bullet! One grease tab will virtually clean ANY sort of greasy or burned-on mess for you, on ANY of your favorite dishes, pots and pans, so you can relax and enjoy more important things!

Sometimes the toughest messes, such as burned-on rice and cooked cheese just don't come off no matter how hard you scrub! You can scrub, soak, scrub, soak and do it again and again and your dishes still aren't clean! Now with GreaseBullet grease cleaner, you can fill your sink with hot water just once, drop in a Grease Bullet grease tab and come back in a little while. GreaseBullet is your grease cleaner, your stainless steel cookware cleaner, your cookie sheet cleaner...

If you've ever had to throw away perfectly good pots or pans, or simply put them away never to use them again because you can't clean them, now there's good news for you! You'll never throw away an otherwise perfectly good dish again thanks to the amazing stainless steel cookware cleaner - Grease Bullet! Even the most impossible-to-clean pot becomes like new again when you use GreaseBullet!

If you would love to eliminate the messy, time-consuming clean-up that spoils a perfect home-cooked meal, then you need to get the amazing grease cleaning tablets - Grease Bullet! Each grease tab potentially saves you hours of scrubbing and soaking, and makes your cookware like new again! You need the ultimate grease cleaner - Grease Bullet! Order your case of 12 tablets today and we'll give you a FREE Silver Lightning to instantly polish your fine silver items! Order now!

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