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Have you ever wondered why the food your Grandma perpared was always so delicious? Would you love to know how the top chefs make some of the most fabulous dishes? Now with the new 20001 Kitchen Secrets book, you can learn everything that the best cooks already know! Besides amazing cooking and food preparation tips, you'll also learn handy kitchen safety tips, household cleaning tips and kitchen organization tips, plus so much more!

Do you know how to choose the best fruits and vegetables, and the best way to store them? Do you know which foods are better to store upside down? Learn thousands of fascinating and helpful tips and ideas with the 20,001 Kitchen Secrets book! This book is not a cookbook! It contains more helpful food-related facts that you should know than any other book in existance! You'll wonder how you ever got along without it once you start reading - you won't be able to put it down!

You might be wondering where the author of 20001 Kitchen Secrets learned all of these secrets... Dr Miles Bader had a medical practice for several years and throughout that time he collected these thousands of tips from patients who were happy to share their family secrets - their own food preparation tips, cooking tips and even household cleaning tips! Now for the first time YOU can benefit from the knowledge of hundreds and thousands of grandmothers, chefs, and other food knowledgeable people! Everything from food preparation to kitchen cleaning tips is here in this kitchen secrets book!

If you are interested in learning more about preparing delicious, healthy meals, storing foods, even kitchen safety tips and kitchen cleaning tips, then you need to order the book by Dr Miles Bader that is sweeping the nation! When you order your own copy of 20,001 Kitchen Secrets, you'll also receive for FREE the awesome book 1001 Household Secrets! This book is every bit as handy as the kitchen secrets book, containing such information as how to make batteries last longer and an easy way to remove scratches from your car. Between these 2 books you'll gain more knowledge than you ever dreamed - all of it fascinating and helpful! Order your copies today! They also make great gifts!

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